• "All your radio needs in Thanet"

Radio Communications in Thanet

Supply of radio communications equipment in the Thanet area, from Marine, PMR, Airband, Amateur (ham) and PMR446

Radio systems solutions for combining equipment to one aerial, splitters for distributed antenna systems (DAS) for large buildings, restricted sites and tunnels


Thanet's communications taken care of in Broadstairs

Now there is a solution for your channel adding to Combiner systems, with zero down-time, perfect for that critical system that needs more capacity adding

Various racks of Combiner Racks

Base station antennas

Distributed antenna System Equipment for Tunnels and buildings


Individual combiner components

Filters with 50mm or Under cavities resonators

Filters with 50mm or Over cavities resonators

GPS antennas

Marine Antennas

Microwave Antennas

Mobile Antennas


Portable Antennas